We Drink Tequila Quarterly Subscription

We Drink Tequila Quarterly Subscription

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*Each Quarterly Subscription ranges in price from $250-$375 depending on the curated selection.

This quarter's pricing: $250 (March 2022)

We Drink Tequila's curated Quarterly Subscription highlights small-batch, handmade Tequilas that go way beyond the selection of your local liquor store.  As a member you’ll receive exclusive limited release products and invitations to our special events and tastings!

How it Works:

We source small batch, family owned, additive free Tequilas, and hand-select only the very best to share with our club members. 

Each quarter we’ll send 3-bottles highlighting a specific Tequila family right to your door. Every quarter is a new selection!

No obligation. No fees. Cancel, skip, gift or change settings whenever you want.

Quarterly Shipments are sent out in March, June, September & December.


Things to Note:
  • Tequila sourced directly from Jalisco’s family-owned grower producers and hidden gems.
  • A world of Tequila education catered to each selection, including tasting notes and pairing suggestions.
  • The quarterly price is a range between $250-$375 due to price subjectivity and is excluding tax and shipping fees.
  • For more commonly asked questions, head over to our FAQs page for answers.

Currently shipping is ONLY available within California. Find more information about our Shipping Policy, and don’t forget to peruse our Terms and Conditions so we can spend less time having awkward conversations and more time drinking!