Reserva del Señor

Reserva del Señor
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About Reserva del Señor

A Tequila Legend is Born

about the distillery

On May 27th 1909, in the small town of Asturias, Spain a Tequila Legend was born. 16 years later Cesar Garcia immigrated to Mexico and began learning the ways of the agave. And on his 34th birthday he opened the very first distillery in the heart of Guadalajara!

A Growing Legacy

It’s been over 100 years and Cesar Garcia’s legacy continues to grow with the distillery now run by his grandchildren Juan Manuel and Gabriel Garcia who have taken their grandfathers passion and meticulously turned it into some of the best craft Tequilas in the world.

Their family brand Reserva del Señor and Herencia Histórico are made up of their absolute best highland agave plots that are biodynamically farmed and then double distilled at their 100% sustainable distillery. These Tequilas are a true representation of what pure agave should taste like.

Reserva Del Senor Tequila
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