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A Tequila Boasting of Quality

about the distillery

A luxury tequila designed to be an honest display of ostentation and noble opulence. Belonging to the elite. Boasting of quality.

Where shyness turned into daring, submission into rebellion and humility into pride. Right there in that convergence of oportunity knowledge and experience, Tequila BOATO was born a sumptuos tribute to the richness of our traditions , to the agave and to the distillate, to the luxury and pleasure.

The Most Elegant of Tequilas

Courtly BOATO fifteenth century; distinctive of the aristoceacy of the most prominent representatives of the creole elite.

Tequila mede with very ripe agaves, cooked in brick ovens to then extract the juice in a very artisanal way, subsequently naturally fermented and distilled in copper stills, keeping only the heart of the distillate and then uniquely filtering in ceramic to create the most bold and yet elegant of Tequilas.

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